USER AGREEMENT (Public offer)

This Agreement defines the conditions for the Users to use the materials and services of the online store (hereinafter referred to as the Online Store). Online store is a website, domain name, as well as the official page of the Online store on Instagram, link to the page

1. General conditions
1.1. The use of materials and services of the online store is governed by the current legislation of the European Union.
1.2. This Agreement is a public offer. By accessing the materials of the online store, the User is considered to have acceded to this Agreement.
1.3. The administration of the online store has the right to unilaterally change the terms of this Agreement at any time.
1.4. The buyer has the right to use the interactive resources of the online store for its intended purpose, leave reviews, comment on materials, publish their own materials and conduct online communication when the functionality is available.
1.5. The main concepts used in the user agreement:
1.5.1. Seller - Harmony Grow MIKE or its subsidiaries: Harmony Grow Netherlands or others
1.5.2. Buyer - a natural or legal person who is a visitor to the site and who wants to purchase goods through the online store.
1.5.3. Online store - Internet resources owned by the Seller, located at, where the Goods are presented, as well as other essential conditions for the sale of the Goods.

1.5.4. Product - Cosmetics for face and body skin care, brand "Harmony Grow":
Comprehensive Skin Repair Oil : “FEEL THE BALANCE 5% CBD OIL” (5% CBD OIL), “CALMNESS 10% CBD OIL” (10% CBD OIL), “BEING FOCUSED 15% CBD OIL”(15 % cannabidiol (CBD)); “HEALTHY LIFE CBG 10%” (10% cannabigerol (CBG)), “BEING HARMONY CBD10%+CBG10% OIL” (10% cannabidiol (CBD) +10% cannabigerol (CBG)).
1.5.5. Order - a duly executed application of the Buyer for the purchase of the Goods in the Online Store.
1.5.6. Administration - the Seller, who is the developer of the website of the online store.
1.6. The information provided in the online store is for informational and advertising purposes only and is not a public offer in accordance with the Civil Code of the European Union or applicable member state.
1.7. This agreement is considered concluded between the Buyer and the online store at the time of placing the order.
1.8. In case of acceptance of the terms of this agreement, the individual or legal entity making the acceptance of the offer becomes the Buyer.
1.9. Acceptance is the receipt by the Seller of a message about the intention of an individual to purchase goods on the terms proposed by the Seller. Acceptance can be expressed as a positive response to the Seller's offer to accept the terms of the offer when placing an order.
2. Subject of the offer
2.1. The Seller, on the basis of the order(s) of the Buyer, sells the goods to the Buyer in accordance with the conditions and at the prices set by the Seller in the offer and its annexes, subject to the availability of the goods in the Seller's warehouse. At the same time, the manager of the online store informs the Buyer in advance about the presence or absence of goods in the Seller's warehouse and provides clarifying information about the price of the goods in order to avoid the cases provided for in clause 6.2. of this user agreement.
2.2. Delivery of goods ordered and paid by the Buyer is carried out by the Seller or self-pickup of the goods by the Buyer from the warehouse of the Seller.
2.3. The relations between the Buyer and the Seller are subject to the provisions of the legislation of the EU or applicable member state , including the provisions of the Civil Code of the EU on retail sale and purchase, applicable EU or member states laws "On Protection of Consumer Rights".
2.4. An individual is considered to have accepted all the terms of the offer (acceptance of the offer) and its appendices in full and without exception from the moment the Seller receives a message about the Buyer's intention to purchase the goods on the terms proposed by the Seller. In case of acceptance of the offer, an individual is considered to have entered into an agreement with the Seller for the ordered goods and acquires the status of the Buyer.
3. Terms of the user agreement
3.1. The buyer can place an order on his own on the website of the online store, or through the manager on the official page on Instagram, or through the manager by phone numbers listed on the site, under the terms of this agreement.
3.2. When placing an order in the online store, the Buyer is obliged to provide information about himself:
FULL NAME. Buyer of the Goods;
delivery method (self-pickup or delivery by courier) and delivery address of the Goods (in case of delivery of the goods by courier);
FULL NAME. the person accepting the Goods on behalf of the Buyer at the time of delivery of the Goods by the courier;
contact phone number and e-mail of the Buyer of the Goods;
name of the organization, IIN, BIC, current account number and legal. address (for legal entities/

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